Thursday, May 28, 2009

converter from .lit to pdf

Files with .lit as extension are those that can be opened by MS reader. Often, people do not have the converter needed for the files to be in pdf format or other formats. ABC Amber Lit is a free software. You can download it using the link that i will give you. There are files in this site where you will encounter ebooks with .lit just install this converter to be able to read the books

Download the converter here


  1. Wonderful site you have here. Just a little note to tell you about an other converter I use all the time. It's called Calibre, I use it constantly to convert just about any format to ebook so I can read things on my kindle and android phone. Again, many thanks for all of the wonderful books you have available to us here.

  2. the thing freezes and doesnt work most the time so have to say sorry this is just a resources hog which freezes on a i5 laptop with 4gigs of ram.I wouldnt recommend this to anyone.